Friday, September 21, 2012

Variations on the Theme of Interesting plainness: The Alphabet Exercise.

I am a big believer in self assignment. I am also a bigger believer that practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect and you have constantly practice at practicing. Getting yourself to the point where everything is a reflex and you don't "actively" think about the image in front of you. That the moment that takes you causes the shutter button to be pressed and the image to be captured.

I also do not believe that there is no place on earth where there is nothing to shoot (unless you live in the wastelands of LA...). When I find myself saying Sh*t, I can't find something to take a picture of" I have several self assignment exercises I do. They have never failed me, ever.

The first is "Find the Alphabet in Nature." here are the rules:

1) No letters from signs. All of the letters you shoot must be formed by things in the environment.

2) NO GARDENING. Meaning you cannot move things to make the letter.

3) The letter must be recognizable as the letter.

4) There is no taking a picture of an Apple and that becomes "a" because "A" is for "Apple" etc.

5) Once you shoot an object as a letter you can never shoot the same thing again when you do the exercise the next time. You always have to find new objects to shoot.

This image was captured with a Nikon D-2H camera with a 70-200mm VR lens using the Nikon electronic file format (.Nef) Shot on Lexar Flash media. All file was post processed using Nikon capture and Photoshop. Additional post processing was done using Niksoftware Sharpener Pro and Colorefex Pro plug-ins.

Final file is stored and scaled using Genuine Fractals.

© Vincent Versace 2012

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