Friday, September 7, 2012

What Can I say? I Like Fog.

ocus issues of IR, that being that visible spectrum focus at a different point than IR, IR image can be a little soft. Which is why I bit the bullet and modified a brand new D800. I had the Super Color IR filter conversion done. The reason for this or the Enhanced color conversion is by allowing some of the visible spectrum in I first get a sharper image and second, I get more detail in the image structures while still getting all of the IR experience. Another issue is that the camera design team of the D800 changed the way the camera does it's white balance.
This image is about to become a a cross pollination experiment between a D800 modified for IR and a D200 modified for IR. I have some issue with it after doing all of the post work.The biggest is one of resolution. Because of the inherent f

The original image, the one you see here, was captured in San Francisco a Nikon D-200 camera modified for infrared. Enhanced color conversion done by LifePixel with a 28-300 mmVRII lens using the Nikon electronic file format (.Nef) Shot on Lexar 16 gigabyte UDMA Flash media. file was post processed using capture NX 2.0 software. Further processing was done in Photoshop CS 6 including running the Lazarus Effect action and Silver Efex Pro 2.0.

My plan is to see if I can correct some of these issues using the image harvesting and ExDR approach with images that I captured while in SF on my motorcycle ride. This will certainly be an extreme extension of the dynamic range of time.

Final file is stored and scaled using Genuine Fractals.

© Vincent Versace 2012

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