Monday, October 22, 2012

D4 Mini Monk

This is one of those images where life was moving faster than photographer. The young monk caught my eye as I was moving as quickly as I could from a bunch of little monks having a splash fight while take a group bath, all the children were just laughing so hard it was infectious (those images will be coming shortly). I just moved in shot. This is a testament to how sharp the 24-120 lens is and the D4 and 4000 iso. I was slightly off focus on the eyes  (where I always focus on for a portrait) but still was able to get an acceptable capture.

This image was captured by a Nikon D-4camera. 24-120 Nano coated VR II lens in the Nikon Electronic Image File Formant (.NEF) Shot on Lexar 32 gigabyte 1000 speed UDMA Flash media 4000 iso. file was post processed using Capture NX2 Photoshop CS6, Nik Color Efex 4.0.

Final file is stored and scaled using Genuine Fractals.

© Vincent Versace 2012