Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My First D800 Infrared Image From Burma

Soooo I just post processed my very first image from my latest excursion in Burma. It's an infrared capture form my newly modified D800. Yep I bit the bullet and converted a D800. Up to this point every IR camera I have had has been the camera I was no longer using because I was now using the latest and greatest paradigm shifting how did photography ever exist before it's existence camera.

What I can tell you is for the past eight years every time I have shot an IR I have always wanted the resolution of the latest and greatest. Well I actually wore out my D200. Cracked both the top LED display and the back LCD. I Cracked the main circuit board in the camera have hot pixels on the sensor. I toasted the camera.  SO rather than gut my D700 I figured let's see what 36MP can do.

Well it took three months to figure out the dance of how to post process an IR file. First, you absolutely cannot do it in ACR or in Lightroom. The white balance range  does not go low enough. There are some other issues but that was the ACR/LR deal breaker. Which means if you are a Nikon shooter NX2. Which with a 36MP file takes awhile. If you are a Canon shooter, that means Canon's RAW processor.

Then there is the issue of post processing a 16bit ProPhoto RGB color space TIFF generated from a 36MP RAW file. Each layer of this file is 206.9 MB. The final file for this image is 3.49 GB. To say I brought my dual core 2.8GHz 17in laptop  to it's knees would be an understatement. what I could do in 30 or so minutes took almost 4 hours. I really, really, really need a new laptop......

But the final file is just a beautiful sight to behold. So I have that going for me....which is nice.

This image was captured by a Nikon D-800 camera modified for infrared. Super Enhanced color conversion done by LifePixel with a 24-1200 mm Nano coated VR II lens using the Nikon electronic file format (.Nef) Shot on Lexar 32 gigabyte 1000 speed UDMA Flash media. file was post processed using capture NX 2.0 software, Nik Color Efex 4.0 and Silver Efex Pro 2.0.

Final file is stored and scaled using Genuine Fractals.

© Vincent Versace 2012

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